Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evangelina Dawn

My younger sisters birthday is today! :) she turned seven and 2:30ish this morning. She's the second youngest of the family. Shes having a girl party at the house right now, with pink princesses and butterflies. There all going to paint nails and make bracelets, after they eat pink cupcakes, haha. She's always been the girliest of the girls in the family; she always dresses up and plays "house" with her friends, or sets up elaborate tea parties in the kitchen and her play area. Shes got short curly blondish-brown hair and deep brown eyes, and loves to play "salon" with me and her friends. I'm not at her birthday party today though, because I'm at my best friend Alayney's house; I went swimming with her earlier, played on the playground with her and I'm going to call her in a bit. Well that's all I got to say right now, but I shall write more when I get back from youthgroup :). 
              God Bless!
                   Emily Tressel

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